Available Soon Over-the-Counter
Magic Butt Cream for Diaper Rash

A Happy Bottom, Makes A Happy Baby
Magic Butt Cream™ - The diaper rash cream with a silly name and SERIOUS results!

What was once a mixture available only by prescription will soon be pre-mixed and sold over-the-counter! Already a familiar name among pediatricians and parents, Magic Butt Cream™ will now take the hassle out of getting a prescription first! The formula that beat all other diaper rash products will soon be readily available. No more having to get a prescription, or buying over-the-counter diaper rash medications that only treat a certain type of diaper rash.  This formula takes the guess work out of what caused your baby's diaper rash by treating all causes at once!  Parents can finally relax and worry about spending time with their little one, without a painful diaper rash.